Your Guide to YouTube Cutter – A Handy Online Video Cutting Tool

Basically, YouTube Cutter is an online video cutting app which you can use anywhere to take excerpts from any video you see on YouTube and turn them into locally stored files. The software system is easy to use and will work with any video that has been uploaded to the social media site. In fact, given that there are thousands of new videos added to YouTube every day, there are no limits to the way you might utilise it. Either capture a clip of a video that you like or cut off the start of a video so you can get straight to the action – it is entirely up to you. This video cutting software means you can take clips from several different videos by using it multiple times. As such, you could end up making your own video montage in the end if you choose to link your clips together. As well as capturing video and audio, you can also you the video cutter to rip out sections of audio, great if you want your own audio file from a favourite video to listen back to or even use as a sample. Read on to find out more about this highly versatile video editing tool.

Who Is This Video Cutter For?

Put simply, this online YouTube video cutter software is for everyone. You do not need to be an expert with editing video clips to use it because the controls are designed for complete ease of use. Even complete novices will be able to extract an excerpt from a video within a few clicks of the mouse. So, it is ideal for amateurs who want to create their own library of clips either to store on their own or put together in another video editor package. However, large businesses which want to capture clips from their own corporate videos – perhaps to use as a part of a presentation or for specific marketing purposes – will be equally at home using it. Sports coaches who want to show the right way of doing something can utilize it to show just a few seconds of action to their team. Equally, you can use it to just capture something funny that you will want to share in a clip form with friends on social media.

How Do You Use YouTube Cutter?

As mentioned, this video cutter could not be simpler to operate. You access it online at and then simply paste the URL of the YouTube video in question onto the cutter's home page. Then, all you need to do is to press the 'Start Cutter' button and the next page will appear. This has two slider controls. One is positioned to mark the start time of the clip you want to extract. The other one is there to mark the end point. You can create a clip by setting these slider controls of just a few seconds or even several minutes – it is up to you. Handily, the YouTube video cutter shows your chosen video in an embedded form on the same page so you can easily judge exactly where you want to set the start and finish points of your clip. Then, all you do is select your preferred output file format and the program gets to work making your clip for you. When it is ready, you can download it directly to your device to use however you please.

How Can Users Access This Video Cutting Software?

One of the great things about this software is that it is fully available online and is accessible via a conventional web browser. In other words, you do not have to download an app to your device which would take up unnecessary space on your hard drive. The whole process takes place in the cloud. In fact, you do not even need to keep your YouTube cut download unless you want to. The software is fully functional on all of the main browsers that are used these days, such as Explorer, Edge, Opera Safari, Chrome and Firefox. This means that you can use it on any device anywhere in the world. Because no download is needed to operate it, it is always available to you – so long as you have an internet connection, that is! The video cutting suite is designed for all sorts of users which means it can be accessed from a wide range of devices, too. You can make use of it whether you are using a Windows, an Android or an iOS device. What's more it will work perfectly well whether you have a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone.

What Files Can You Create Using the YouTube Video Cutting Tool?

There are three different file types that the YouTube cutting tool will allow you to create. Once you have selected the length of your clip, the software will ask you to select the preferred output file type. Typically, users will select MP4 because this is the industry standard high-quality file format for most types of videos. It will preserve the original quality of the source video as far as technically possible even though it has converted it into a clip format. As such, this is the most likely choice for people seeking a video clip excerpter. However, some people merely want to extract the audio from videos that have been uploaded to YouTube and the video cutter software won't let you down if you fall into this category because the second file format supported is MP3. Essentially, the YouTube to MP3 extraction tool works in exactly the same way as the MP4 one but it only produces audio. The clip length is just the same but you will only be able to hear the excerpted material. Finally, you can opt for a GIF output file format. This means you will end up with a little animation that will represent the extracted material. It will play on a loop and is the very thing if you want to grab a scene from a video to share on social media sites or to use as an avatar, for example.

What Can Users Do With Their YouTube Cut Download?

As mentioned, typical uses of this convenient video cutting tool will be to make short clips of videos, either in audiovisual or purely audio formats. Once created, the developers of the software place no restrictions on what you can do with the files you have created. You don't need to register as a user with the service in order to use it, so you are free to do as you please within the boundaries of the law in your particular location, of course. Remember that some videos are subject to copyright control, for example, so it is worth checking before re-publishing someone else's material, albeit in a clip format. When the program generates your file for you, it will be stored in the cloud for you until you are ready to download it. This is typically held on servers for a few hours to give you more than adequate time to download it before it is deleted to free up room for other users. No private data is stored while your files are held and, once they are deleted, it would be impossible for anyone else to access them until you choose to publish them online, of course.