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  • Open
  • Select your MP3 or other audio file
  • Wait until the Cutter has loaded your file
  • Adjust the start and end handlebars to select your trim
  • Click "Cut" button to cut your MP3 file.

This tool works right on your browser. So there is no software to download and install on your computer. You can use it whether you use Windows, Mac, Linux, or a mobile device. All you have to do is select your audio file and choose your trim.

This tool is not saving any mp3 or audio file you selected. The cutter is working on your own computer, so nobody never will know which file you cutted.

MP3 Cutter is absolutely free and always will be. All we want is your feedback. Send us your feedback and ideas by eMail or our contact form. If you like us, share this tool among your friends. Thank you!

The Answer is yes! You can use this mp3 cutter on any Android or Apple Phones. Just visit on your phone and click the select button then follow our "How to Cut mp3" instructions.

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